Wellness Workshop- December Topic Breath


Have you thought about it?  Do you know the best ways to harness and take care of it to support your health and wellness?  Science is now paying attention to its power on our physiology, mood and lifespan……wisdom the yogis have known for thousands of years.   In this workshop, we will talk about how to rebalance your stress-response system and rewire patterns that are no longer serving you, while increasing energy and concentration through breath practices that can easily be incorporated into your life.  Each participant will receive an ebook that summarizes key themes and learn 3 key breath practices to feel amazing and lower stress.  

Dr Jen will approach the monthly topic holistically from a Functional/Integrative Medicine perspective incorporating meditation practice, nutrition, and more.  There will be time for Q & A via chat in Union.  Join her Slow Flow & Meditation classes on Mondays 5pm in December where movement, breath and meditation complimenting immune health will be practiced.