Finding Joy In Life Training: Yoga for Lifers! Part 1


Rina Jakubowicz

Rina Jakubowicz, founder of Rina Yoga and “Sattvic and Sexy,” is known for her vibrant and uplifting approach for students of all ages. She has been teaching yoga in English and Spanish for over 20 years and has ...
Intro: This part 1 is for anyone and counts as 80hrs towards the whole YTT.

Format of the Training:
An Opening Ceremony on...
15 hours of On-Demand content per week with group assignments
Attending interactive weekend sessions via Zoom:
Saturdays+Sundays 9:00am-11:30pm PST

Tuition: $1250
Early Bird: $900

Life Training is exactly what it implies:

A training to learn how to MAKE a life NOT a living. Its foundation is in the practice of yoga which gives one a road map for daily living.

Unfortunately, our education system doesn’t prepare us to face the world. Living is a skill, an art, a technique. Just as flying a plane, practicing medicine or law. We go to school to learn these skills to make a living but when it comes to making a life, we do the bare minimum and expect to be happy!

You wouldn’t be reading this if that method worked. 

It’s never too late to learn. 

We have a responsibility to ourselves to be joy, to love without interruption and to be at peace. Once the course has been set, we flow. Not in physical yoga poses, but in the integration of the lifestyle of yoga. The physical practice will be a supporting tool instead of the foundation itself. 

Joy begins to surface above all other moods, love wins over all other feelings and the happiness you are looking for is more constant regardless what is happening within you or the world.

Life Training is not a quick fix.

It is a beginning, the foundation for the way to live the rest of your life.

Some other highlights of Life Training:

  • learn the more emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of yoga that provide lasting peace  and happiness.
  • study with certified leaders in the field of philosophy, psychology and yoga. 
  • curriculum is rooted in science and logic, not personal opinions or unfounded beliefs.
  • connect with others looking for the same level of depth in their lives.