Yoga Nidra for Caregivers


Rebecca Murawski

Cheers, yogis. My name is Rebecca and I am looking forward to spending time with you in this exquisite practice of yoga. I have been guiding others in yoga practices for over 8 years and continue to be amazed at ...
November begins the season of giving thanks and so we dedicate this Yoga Nidra to all of us who selflessly give care and support to others. Whether you are a teacher, parent, doctor, nurse, therapist, child of a sick parent, massage therapist, caregiver of an ailing partner, etc., this Yoga Nidra is for you.  

Caregiving is one of the most remarkable acts of service and provides precious opportunities to connect with others and cultivate experiences that last a lifetime. But caring for others can leave you feeling drained--emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically--and struggling to take care of yourself. So, in this season of giving thanks, we will come together to honor what we do as caregivers and dedicate time to self-care and self-love so that we may offer ourselves the chance to release, recharge and experience inner gratitude. 

During this Yoga Nidra practice, I will offer guidance so that you may completely relax physically, release mental + emotional strain and feel your energy recharge so that you may enjoy a state of peaceful awareness. All parts of this Yoga Nidra practice will be guided and no yoga experience is required. I encourage you to dress comfortably...your favorite sweats and t-shirt are lovely as well as fuzzy socks, your favorite hoodie and an eye cover if you have one.  

Please bring your own blankets and pillows so that you can be as comfortable as possible. If you do not have any props to bring, we have some available for use in-studio!  Looking forward to helping you take care.