Rebecca Murawski

Cheers, yogis. My name is Rebecca and I am looking forward to spending time with you in this exquisite practice of yoga. I have been guiding others in yoga practices for over 8 years and continue to be amazed at ...

Yoga Nidra


at Detroit Yoga Lab (69 W. Forest Detroit, MI 48202)

Namaste, Yogis. Yoga Nidra is an elegant practice that creates a space in which the stresses of everyday living can be diminished while feelings of inner peace + wellbeing are uplifted. I will guide you through this experience of Yoga Nidra by using  relaxation + meditation cues to invite your  physical body into rest. In this space of rest and ease, I will then invite you into a state of alert awareness between sleeping and wakefulness. While in this space of alert awareness you can explore the stunning lightness of your own inner landscape, unburden what feels heavy, honor the presence of peace +  stillness within, all while resting and reviving the body, mind and senses.  

This practice will begin with simple stretches, movement and breathing before we ease into Yoga Nidra which will be experienced resting in Savasana. No yoga experience is required and all you’ll need is your mat, your comfiest yoga attire as well as blankets, pillows, an eye cover, and cozy socks to make yourself as comfortable as possible. I look forward to sharing this practice of Yoga Nidra with you.