The Art of Yin Yoga: 20-Hour YACEP Certified Course

The Art of Yin Yoga: 20-Hour YACEP Certified Course

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In this hands-on training you will learn to analyze, observe, practice and teach the Yin Yoga Postures in depth. We will dive into the delicate art of deciphering functional vs. aesthetic alignment through analysis of bone images showing common variations. More importantly, we will study each other and throughout our time together, learn how to provide support, modifications, alternatives in yin yoga classes. 

Further, we will study anatomy of muscle/fascial lines and corresponding pathways of subtle energy according to the tradition and discuss the multi-layered electrical and emotional responses stimulated by this deeply surrendering practice. This course culminates in a truer understanding and better appreciation for the endless variety of human bodies and how to use yin yoga to support overall physical and energetic wellbeing.

Course Highlights
  • Interactive hands-on study of anatomy: finding skeletal landmarks, assessing range of motion, how to effectively use props
  • Understanding and discriminating sensation: Tension vs. Compression, Muscle vs. Fascia, Physical vs. Subtle Energy
  • Communication: When to listen + observe, when to speak + lead, how to offer gracious support
  • Learn to sequence for Yin + Practice 10 sequences with a variety of focuses: workplace stagnation, low back pain, subtle energy shift, full body exploration, healthy hips, etc. 
  • Understanding the difference between a yang + yin approach to Asana
  • Intro to the Subtle Body Continuum: Chakras + Meridians

This course counts towards 20 hours of Yoga Alliance CEU. In addition to 10 hours together in person at Detroit Yoga Lab, you will receive access to a 5 hour virtual course for 6 months that includes videos of several of the techniques we will practice in person.

Saturday, November 18, 11:30 - 4:30
Sunday, November 19, 11:30 - 4:30
10 hours of Virtual Content will be released October 15

20-Hour YACEP Certified Course
$395 for all virtual content + in person sessions
$345 Early Bird for FIRST 5 REGISTRATIONS