Erin Smith

Erin started practicing yoga in 2005 as a healing practice from an injury.  She quickly fell in love with the practice and took the journey to become a teacher.  You can expect all of Erin’s classes to be smartly...

Relax + Restore


at Detroit Yoga Lab (69 W. Forest Detroit, MI 48202)

Restorative yoga is a restful practice that holds yoga poses for a longer duration using props like yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters. In this 75 min of practice, you will feel a sense of deep relaxation that emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga—the union of body and mind. Through the use of props for support, many of the postures are held almost effortlessly. The only work that's required on your part during a restorative yoga practice is to pay attention to your breath and become aware of any sensations or thoughts that may arise. Restorative yoga is suitable for practitioners of all levels.