Full Moon Ceremony


at Detroit Yoga Lab (69 W. Forest Detroit, MI 48202)

This 2-hour event will be a mix of yoga, meditation, journaling, and releasing. Each guest can expect to spend the first portion of the workshop experiencing mindful movement in the body with an all-levels yoga class followed by guided meditation or breath work. We will then have a brief conversation about the full moon, as well as what it means for us according to our individual rising signs.

The event will finish with guided journaling, setting individual intentions, and releasing any old desires or habits holding us back from living in alignment with our highest selves. Each ticket includes one small herbal tea elixir. 

Please bring a yoga mat, journal, and pen. Please come with the knowledge of your rising sign (also known as your Ascendant). If you need help finding or confirming this, feel free to email Markie beforehand with any questions!

About Markie Mullins: Markie is an astrologer, yoga instructor, retreat leader and host of Led by the Cosmos podcast. She is passionate about helping others find compassion for themselves and their life experiences through learning about their birth charts, intentional conversations with their communities, and mindfulness practices.