Pranic Approach to Meditation - April Series


A deeper look at how to manage energy to deepen meditation.

Weekly Presentation & Practice - Online & Recorded
Wed. 7:30-8:45 am | April 7th to 28th
Pay What You Can 

Most of us have heard of “prana” also known as the “energetic life force”. It is most readily accessed through the breath and is integral to yoga practice. This series offers a practical introduction to how to work with prana in asana, bandha, pranayama & meditation.

Week 1 - Introduction to the roll of prana in the yoga system
Week 2 - Connecting to prana to effect change in mental state
Week 3 - A deeper look at prayayama practice as a special discipline
Week 4 - Extended practice session for deep peace

All sessions include: Pranayama, Asana, Mantra, Bandha & Dedicated Meditation

Derik Eselius (ERYT-1000)  A student of tantra, raja & karma yoga for nearly 30 years, he makes ancient yogic knowledge both accessible and practical for the modern yogi. Learn the deeper principles and how to apply them.

Dates and Times and Location:
  • Wednesdays  | April 7th to 28th | 7:30am - 8:45am
  • Online link provided upon registration. All sessions recorded & available after registration

Pay What You Can:
We all benefit from meditation. We all want greater wellness.  I invite you to Pay What You Can based on your means.  Suggested rate for the series $50.