Hatha Yoga Meditation Series - May

Hatha Yoga Meditation Series - May

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Where do you go to tap into higher truth, wisdom, and energy?

Fortunately, these capacities are already inside of you. You can systematically access this space with the appropriate techniques, of course, some guidance is also helpful.  Meditation need not be a struggle.

For the month of May, our series will focus on Meditation to Increase Shakti.  Shakti is the feminine force within creation - the inherent power of life.  Channeled appropriately, Shakti awakens your higher potentials of mind and spirit. This meditation series will cultivate that ability.

Derik Eselius, a yoga student of nearly 30 years, leads this series. His approach, based on tantric methodology, synergistically combines asana, bandha, pranayama, mantra, and meditation.  The combined effect of these practices is far greater than the sum of their parts.  While some experience is recommended, it isn’t a requirement.  

Hatha Yoga Meditation Series Format:
  1. Introduction & ceremony
  2. Brief asana & bandha practice
  3. Mantra for healing
  4. Pranayama & Meditation to Increase Shakti
  5. Closing mantra (prayer for peace)

Dates and Times and Location:
Wednesdays/Fridays  |  May 6th to May 29th  |  7:30am - 8:15am
Attend a single session or the entire series | Zoom link provided upon registration

Pay What You Can:
In recognition of current circumstances, the class is offered without charge.  Many people struggle at this time and we want you to be able to come and others may be more fortunate.  In either case, we invite you to freely Pay What You Can, without shame or pressure.