Embodying the Koshas with With Jeremy Wolf and Derik Eselius


Derik Eselius

I first encountered yoga in 1991, just after High School, on an extended journey around the globe.  India was one of the stops, where I first met Baba Hari Dass, a life long yogic adept. I had arrived at the inc...
The deep union of body, breath, mind & spirit.

A four-part introduction to the earliest yogic model
for complete physical & spiritual development

With Jeremy Wolf and Derik Eselius - (Online)

Thurs. Feb. 18th,  9am-12pm  |  Sun. Feb. 21st, 9am - 12pm
Thurs. Feb. 25th, 9am - 12pm  |  Sun. Feb 28th, 9am - 12pm

What are the Koshas & What Will You Learn?
Stemming from the Taittiriya Upanishad, the kosha model accounts for five distinct “sheaths” to the human being, how to bring harmony to each layer, and how they relate to spiritual realization.  

This comprehensive, four-part introduction, presents kosha theory and accompanying asana, mudra, pranayama and meditation practices to explore each layer.

Online Series - Entire Series or Individual Sessions

  1. Intro. to Koshas (JW & DE) - Thurs. Feb. 18,  9a-12pm
    Gain a foundational understanding of the layers of the kosha model and how they function independently and interdependently.

  2. The Body of Energy & Transformation (JW & DE) - Sun. Feb. 21, 9am - 12pm
    In their mastery, the yogic-adepts saw the energy (or pranic) body. They then devised techniques to use the energy body both for physical health and psychological transformation.

  3. The Body of Mind & Wisdom (JW & DE) - Thurs. Feb. 25,
    9am - 12pm
    The quality of our thoughts determine our life experience. In the kosha model, there are two distinct aspects of our mind that need to be fostered to see clearly, actualize our potential & know peace.

  4. Approaching Bliss (DE & JW) Sun. Feb 28, 9am - 12pm
    Deep within the psyche, is anandamaya kosha, or the body of bliss. This is the final and subtlest layer of the kosha model and ultimate destination for the series.   

What materials will you get? 
  • All theoretical and practice sessions will be recorded.  You will have access to these sessions at the completion of the series (per the sessions you attended).
  • Up to twelve hours of continuing education credit with the Yoga Alliance (per your attendance).

Joined by their mutual study with Yogarupa Rod Stryker veteran Denver teachers Jeremy Wolf and Derik Eselius are happy to be combining their knowledge – based on decades of study – into one seamless and integrated workshop.

Pay What You Can!  PWYC is an equitable format that allows everyone to participate and honor the wisdom, commitment and dedication of the teachers.  Here is how it works...

Option #1: Fair Market Value: Some people would rather just have it all settled before the workshop gets started. If that’s the case, you can pay the market value of $195 for the entire 12 hr. workshop in advance.

Option #2: PWYC Entire Series:  Submit your $100 to secure your space in the workshop.  This deposit is refundable up until two weeks before the workshop. After that, it is not. At the end of the workshop, you can pay whatever you want on top of the deposit. Whatever you pay is perfect.  

Option #3: Individual Sessions:
Purchase individual sessions at a set cost of $45 per session.