Breath, Mind & Meditation Series-October


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A Comprehensive Intro. to the Science & Practice of Yogic Breathing Methods for Asana, Meditation, and Life.

Conscious breathing is the central ingredient in most hatha yoga practice, from asana to meditation.  Not only is it a gateway to greater health and vitality, but the way in which we breathe, it also shapes the way we think.

For the month of October, our ongoing meditation series will instruct in how to optimize the way you breathe on the mat, in meditation, and in life. 

  • Week 1 – Learn the distinctions between what we generally call “breath” & what the yogis call “prana."  How does breath relate to vitality and how to breathe optimally?
  • Week 2 – Bandha means lock or seal and it is one of the primary ways in which to direct breath and prana in the body. Learn a key bandha practice called “mahamudra”.
  • Week 3 – Proper regulation of the breath naturally leads one into deeper states of meditative awareness.  We will emphasize pranayama (or breath exercises) in this session.
  • Week 4 – Breath is the language of the nervous system and a mirror reflection of our mind.  We will practice yoga nidra as an entry point into soothing the nervous system and nourishing the mind.

This series is offered on a Pay What You Can basis. I want you and many others to have this knowledge and these skills so that you can be a more resourced person and share more good in the world.  I invite you to Pay What You Can based on your means.  Suggested rate for the series $50.

  • Wednesdays  |  Oct. 7th to 28th  | 7:30 am - 8:30 am | Online 
  • Zoom link provided upon Registration
  • Pay What You Can
  • Attend a single session or the entire series