Yoga Liberation Front 300 Hour Online Teacher Training

Led by

Magi Pierce

My yoga birth occurred in Boston back when most of their yoga was under one roof. I was a sprightly, albeit wayward, ex-ballerina, and like so many others stumbled upon the yoga path rather haphazardly and dove h...

Calia Marshall

Calia Marshall is a yoga instructor, musician, doula, Reiki practitioner and workshop facilitator, as well as being a dance instructor/choreographer and Equity Advocate at National Dance Institute in NYC. Her fir...

Kate Graham

Kate Graham, LMHC, C-IAYT Founder of Soulful Yoga Therapy  I passionately believe in a full body approach to health and wellness. I have found that the 'top down' approach of psychotherapy combined with the 'bott...

Nikki Vilella

After moving to Tribeca eighteen years ago, I stumbled upon a premie Kula on the way to the train. I went, was hands down hooked by the first hip opener, and the rest is history. I started teaching at Kula in 200...

Miles Borrero

is a NYC-based yoga teacher who has led sought-after retreats and trainings around the world since 2007. A tireless explorer, Miles has done a deep dive into many lineages: Bhakti, Forrest, Parayoga, Om Yoga, Iye...

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a yoga teacher hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. The practice of yoga and meditation, along with an entrepreneurial background in aesthetics and business development, offered her a synchronistic o...

Todd Erik Skoglund

I co-founded and co-directed South Boston Yoga Studio from 2008 in South Boston, MA through 2020, and taught at Equinox Lifestyle Clubs from 2012-2020. I have led classes, workshops, retreats, and over 45 Teacher...

Chris Assaad

Singer-Songwriter. Wordsmith. Healing & Transformation Guide. Lion Hearted Leader. Creative Fire Starter. Chris Assaad is a multi-passionate Canadian artist and heart-leader who left a promising career in law se...

Marlene Boyette

Marlene Boyette, a 300 RYT certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, was raised between Central Massachusetts and Central Texas. She started on a meditative and yogic path in her teens, reading books such as "Si...

Kyle Powers

My name is Kyle Powers and I love yoga. I first found my practice as a way to cope with crisis and I continue to be amazed and invigorated by the endless possibilities this movement meditation provides. I look to...

Courtney Bell

In order to practice bring  an inner fire, constant study and develotion to spiritual connection are required." sutra 2.1 I come on to my mat not the pose, but the practice. I am a student of the practice who s...

Andrew Tanner

Andrew is the Head of Strategic Accounts at Union. 500hr E-RYT Andrew’s lighthearted and spirited approach to teaching guides students to explore their depths and uncover profound truths of themselves. A self-de...

David Vendetti

I am the current founder of the Yoga Liberation Front teacher training. In the past I co-owned and directed South Boston Yoga and began my research as a dancer, artist, and biologist. My studies brought fascinati...

Yoga Liberation Front 300 Hour Online Teacher Training

Ready to enroll?
The Yoga Liberation Front Teacher Training is open to everyone, every body, every age, every religion, every belief, every orientation, every expression of what it means to be human. We are dedicated to clear, compassionate, thoughtful and intimate communication between all people. We are devoted to listening to the voices and stories of each individual and all of humanity. We are open to wonder about all others. Wonder how they came to be where they are. Wonder how it feels to be in their shoes. Wonder how we can take positive action together to make this world a better place. 
    Our promise is to see everyone as family and friends whom we have not yet met and to treat them as someone we love. Our promise is to move through this life not in a reactive way but from a place of balance and steadiness. To walk quietly into this world and take actions to support change, progress and the evolution of human consciousness. To learn the skills to help stop the cycle of karma and suffering in ourselves through education and action. Then through this to be able to make the space for others to do the same.

   The origin of yoga lies not in the physical practice but in the total liberation of the human spirit, an embracing of all that is and a tremendous YES to life. In order to uncover this state of being, which is ever present and exists within us all, one must fearlessly and courageously face the conscious and unconscious past patterning and current thinking that holds you back. 

   This is an adult course. There will be topics and conversations that are tough but important to hear. There will be discussions on racism, sex & sexuality, religion, addiction, depression, current and past societal struggles, cultural appropriation, ethical misconduct and so much more. You will hear swear words and prayer words and witness your story and the stories of others who have survived or may be currently living with addiction, abuse, surgeries, loss, sickness. You will hear the opinions of those who may have very different political, social or spiritual view points than yours. You will be challenged, intrigued, exhilarated and opened to all of humanity and what it means to be human. Are you ready?

   I have been teaching and practicing yoga for over 25 years, led over 60 teacher trainings all around the world and graduated hundreds of students starting their adventure practicing, teaching yoga and sharing the joy and gift of being present with the world.

   This training is the start of something bigger, brighter and more fascinating than anything that has come before. I have invited friends, family, mischief makers, harmonizers, innovators, game changers and some of my deepest personal inspirations to add their knowledge and love to this teaching.

   This program is not interested in a limited amount of sharing. There will be a massive amount of absolutely incredible information that easily exceeds the hours of the course but is here for all of us to learn, share and evolve with.

The 300 hour topics include the 200 hour ones…

  • the history of yoga
  • cultural appropriation
  • social justice
  • ethics
  • liberation
  • mindfulness
  • self care 
  • yoga sequencing 
  • anatomy 
  • nauli
  • bandhas
  • pranayama
  • chakras
  • alternative breathing techniques
  • meditation
  • ball rolling
  • figures of inspiration
  • body reading
  • yoga for any age and every body
  • challenge poses
  • strength training for yogis
  • pre and postnatal yoga
  • chi gong
  • the business of yoga
  • online vs. live yoga, 
  • adjustments
  • restorative yoga
  • yoga therapy
  • yoga sutras
  • self discovery 
  • +so much more!

As well as …

  • the history of yoga
  • cultural appropriation
  • social justice
  • ethics
  • deepening your practice
  • deepening your meditation
  • structural realignment through ball rolling
  • body reading
  • private client assessment
  • building your brand
  • turning classes into workshops
  • turning workshops into weekends
  • retreats
  • yoga sutras
  • levels of samadhi
  • next level anatomy and functional movement
  • and living from a state of freedom.

The teacher line up for the 200 and 300 hour program is growing daily and includes…

Antonio Aniello, Alex Auder, Alex Düsterfeld, Amanda Lee, Annie Johnson, Amanda Wood, Betty Riaz, Catherine Allen, Chris Assaad, Courtney Bell, Christine Cole, Calia Marshall, Erica Nunnally, Georgia Reath, Hannah Lou Woods, Irene Soléa Antonellis, Jacqui Bonwell, Jean Appolon, Jae Gustavo, Jen Earls, Joe Gallop, Johnathon Holmes, Joseph Welch, Karen Kaplan, Kate Graham, Kyle Powers, Lauren Haythe, Laura Mckowen, Linda Wells, Melissa Alexis, Marlene Boyette, Michelle Leotta, Mike Massey, Magi Pierce, Miles Borrero, Nikki Vilella, Phoenix Soulfire, Priya Deepika Mohan, Politea Le, Rachel Barringer, Raquel Marra, Rachel Smiljanić, Saundra Holt, Shira Beth Brenner, Stacey Schaedler, Todd Skoglund, William Jackson, ...and we are just getting started:)

**Note: The above listed faculty will be involved in this training, however, the days and times they are teaching may be subject to change. All sessions will be available both live and on-demand.

The curriculum is online and made for ease of being, adult learning, and flexibility so that each individual can take their time with the material. weekly suggestions include…

3 Yoga Classes 
2 Ball Rolling Classes
20-50 minutes daily Meditation and Pranayama
90 minute special topic zoom meeting
1 hour anatomy video level 1
1 hour anatomy video level 2
3 hour workshop with David 
2-3 hour workshop with Special Presenter
3 hour teaching homework
1 hour reading and writing homework 
30 minute one on one check in every two weeks

23.5 per week for the 300 hour. With the use of google classroom you can take your time and work your way through the curriculum at the pace that works best for you.

The course offering is $4000 and there is  a $3500 early bird special if paid in full by the Wednesday before the event begins:)

A monthly payment plan is available till the end of the course. If you are joining from a different country please email as prices vary to accommodate all students. This program is meant to be open to all. If you could use a hand with the financial side of the course there are scholarships available.

Once you have registered please email us at [email protected] to set up your online greeting and Q&A with David!