Unity Dance w/ Jennifer Earls


This performance or session has ended.
Let’s move and groove forward together in unison - as one epic front! Through dance choreography to call in unity and authentic movement techniques to free your self-expression, experience a new way of moving forward. Together we will co-create a powerful Unity Dance as one Yoga Liberation Front for humanity. No prior dance experience needed. Just a passion for movement and humanity!

Jen Earls, M.Ed.
Jen Earls came here to 1. Dance and 2. Facilitate people and groups moving forward with clarity and confidence to build the most fulfilling lives, work and world possible. As a Conscious Dancer, Group Facilitator and Holistic Career/Life Coach, she is passionate about engaging creative, mind-body tools like meditation, movement/dance, guided visioning, and collaborative growth strategies so we can all live, work, play, and create positive impact in greater harmony with each other and the planet. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Tufts University, M.Ed. from Suffolk University, Koru Mindfulness Teacher Certification, and Four Forces Group Facilitator Training Certification. She is also a professional Dance Instructor/Performer, mainly in the areas of Salsa/Latin and Conscious/Expressive Dance. Reach out to Jen at [email protected] or at www.jenearls.com.