Prenatal Yoga


Catherine Allen

Catherine Allen (she/her) is the Founder and Director of Poppy Perinatal Yoga. Cat created the Poppy Perinatal Yoga Training (prenatal and postnatal yoga) after encountering an abundance of fear-based misinformat...
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Can pregnant people do core work? Is it safe to do yoga right after birth? Is it risky to do ujjayi breathing or raise the arms up while pregnant? It is risky to do yoga in the first trimester? Do twists hurt the baby? These are common questions that people have about doing yoga while pregnant. 
There is a plethora of fear-based misinformation about what pregnant and postpartum people can or can't do in a yoga practice. Learn what to do and break through the myths. This experiential will introduce you to Poppy Perinatal Yoga, a practical and empowering approach to pregnancy yoga. The yoga practices taught in this approach are founded on four principles: Breathe, Align, Support, and Soften. Feel in your body these four principles woven into an appropriate yoga practice for pregnancy. This workshop encompasses approximately a 75-minute Prenatal Yoga Workshop, 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy, and 25 minutes of Lecture/Q&A. Please bring pen and paper for note-taking.