Learning to Un-Learn with Andrea Galen Evans


As our future landscape feels increasingly uncertain, we must find new ways to navigate change, including learning to un-learn old paradigms.

Just as we have IQ and EQ, we also each have an AQ® (Adaptability Quotient), which comprises a set of adaptability skills, including grit, mental flexibility, resilience, mindset, and un-learning. 

The focus for this workshop, un-learning, sharpens your ability to question and rethink the status quo, to adjust that which is no longer in service of your highest self. In this practical introduction to the art and science of un-learning — through yoga and meditation practice, reflection, and integration — you will discover ways to boost your own adaptability skill set.

And that matters because the opposite of adaptability is extinction!


Andrea Evans (RYT-200) is a certified AQ® practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, 300-hour student in the Yoga Liberation Front Teacher Training, and Vice President of People Development at C Space, a global agency with a mission to make business more human.