From Burnout to Brilliance: Creating Inclusive Learning Spaces with Norma Gordon


During this workshop you will experience breath and movement as threads that weave together five core social emotional competencies, and eight student [mathematical] practices to foster affirming learning spaces for all. You will leave with tools for yourself and students that alleviate learning burnout and fatigue. If you are a student, an educator, a parent or caregiver, this is for you!

Norma’s yoga journey started as a personal practice 10 years ago. Curiosity led her to explore using yoga to rehumanize learning spaces in the classroom, faculty room, and broader communities. 
Norma Gordon is a (RYT-200) yoga teacher as well as the District Mathematics Coach for the Public Schools of Brookline, and has been involved with public school education for almost 25 years.  A life long learner, she continues to study and is currently a 300-hour student in the Yoga Liberation Front Teacher Training. 
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