Embodying Your Higher Self as the Master Teacher


Are you ready to create the space for quantum leaps of evolution to happen within every yoga class? What would it feel like to witness yourself downloading what your students really need in every breath — beyond their immediate understanding? You are designed to teach others in a unified field with your Higher Self consciousness, which knows exactly what you are here to say and do in every present moment. In this riveting dialogue with Kaia Ra, you’ll explore the metaphysical anatomy, creative power, and momentum of your own divinity that can effectively lead others to their awakening through your willing human life. You’ll also receive practical tools for how to guide somatic breakthroughs in consciousness for individual students and the collective journey. During this special transmission the Yogi Ascended Master, Mahavatar Babaji, will be our overlighting mentor for this workshop. 

Kaia Ra is the international bestselling author of The Sophia Code, a celebrated Divine Feminine teacher and designer, and the ordained Oracle for The Sophia Dragon Tribe®. Surviving multiple near-death experiences, she was directly initiated by the Ascended Masters and Archangels since childhood for how to facilitate quantum leaps in conscious evolution. Kaia Ra leads an international movement, a modern day Mystery School of ascension curriculums, and offers The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective as a free ministry of her non-profit The Sophia Code Foundation® for activating the sovereign divinity of humanity. Her artistry, live events, media appearances, and online broadcasts are hailed as the next-generation of revolutionary spiritual leadership.  www.kaiara.com