An Introduction to Anatomical Intelligence™ for Extraordinary Performance & Health Outcomes w/ Doreen Hing


Anatomical Intelligence is designed to hack and harness the biofeedback loop of our neurological system. 

You will be provided with a series of simple, yet powerful tools designed to create an enhanced experiential understanding of your musculoskeletal system. This system provides dramatic results to assist you with pain relief, mobility & building extraordinary, compounded strength.

These fundamental bio-mechanical tools are designed to notice compression or acute angles in the joints to create dynamic space & powerful alignment. These tools apply a radical stability to all joints and can be used to complement all movement modalities to recalibrate, strengthen & realign. 
Join us for a Really B.A.D™ (Broad And Deep) Workshop to make you feel SO GOOD…


Doreen Hing is the founder of Plank® & Anatomical Intelligence™ 
Trained as a shoe designer, fashion enthusiast & functional movement student, Hing is an innovative anatomy geek who has cracked the code for rapid, sustainable & dynamic muscle-memory. Her discoveries focus on transforming pain and limited range of motion into profound joint enhancers for extraordinary, compounded power and stability.  

Hing applied her design thinking skills to create a curriculum which produced unprecedented performance results and health outcomes with game-changing speed & impactful simplicity, hence Anatomical Intelligence (AI) was born.  
Due to AI’s rapid and consistent dramatic results, as a serial upgrader, Hing has refused to leave this world without creating the tools and the roadmap for every body to be able to transform any physical pain or condition, into moments of radical ease and unexpected amplified strength.  

When she isn’t helping others to troubleshoot chronic pain or physical challenges, you will find her perusing recipe books and magazines, to transform leftovers.  

Hing is currently working with healthcare innovators to advance mind-body practices, from a good suggestion, into transformative priority solutions.