Kimberly Hall

Yoga became a sacred journey for Kimberly when she took her first Yin class at Darling Yoga 10 years ago. Through the years, she found healing, transformation, and self-acceptance through her daily practice. He...

Heated Vinyasa


at Darling Yoga (11711 College Blvd Overland Park, KS 66210)

This vinyasa (flow) practice is held in Studio B (in-studio only) and is heated to 80-85 degrees. The addition of heat adds intensity to the class which has great benefits for the heart and lungs, and helps students to increase flexibility and stamina in their practice.
Previous yoga experience required.  You will have the opportunity to learn advanced poses including arm balances and a variety of inversions in this class.
Please note, hot yoga is not recommended for people who are pregnant or have a heart condition or asthma.  If you have questions about this class you can contact the studio at