Kimberley Ballard

Yoga started for Kimberley as a good stretch after cardio and muscle conditioning because it made her body feel so good –lighter, stronger, and more flexible. After over a decade of practicing once or twice a wee...

Terrapin Station Series (Part 2)


at Dark Star Yoga & Wellness (20 Central Street
Suite 108 Salem, Ma 01970)

Beginning Yoga 3-week series, Part Two
Meets 8:00 am Saturday 1/28, 2/4, & 2/11

A three-week beginner session focused on learning the proper alignment of foundational yoga poses practiced in most vinyasa classes. This second session will revisit and build upon poses learned in the first session including Sun Salutations A & B, Warrior One and Two, and basic balance poses, but you do no need to have taken the first session to successfully participate.

In Part Two, we will focus on practicing these basic poses (and learning a few more!) and intentionally linking breathe to movement so you can flow with confidence and ease as you start your yoga journey. We will also focus on how to use props effectively, common yoga terms and cues, and how to listen to your body to make your yoga practice your own.