Jeremiah Holes

In a rural Pennsylvania town in the early nineties Jeremiah had never heard of yoga. A friend who knew he loved rare and strange books lent him what seemed like nearly lost, archaic knowledge - an introduction to...

Terrapin ReVive (Slow Flow with Restore)


at Dark Star Yoga & Wellness (20 Central Street
Suite 108 Salem, Ma 01970)


Slow Flow with Restore 70° - 75°

“Counting stars by candlelight all are dim but one is bright” The first half of class is taught in a flow style moving from one pose to the next that is similar to Vinyasa but at a slower pace. The slower pace allows focus on form, key actions in the body, and linking breath to movement. The second part is class is restorative with props and allows you to soften and surrender. This is a great class for those who are new to yoga as well as those who are looking to relax and revive for the week.