Astrid Kastenberg

Astrid Kastenberg is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach (CLC), Certified 500 hrE-RYT Yoga Instructor, Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu specialist, and Sound Healing practitioner.    For more than two decades, she has ...

Circadian Yoga Flow


at Crystalized Beauty by Cota Life (709 Fremont Ave
Unit A South Pasadena, CALIFORNIA 91030)

This class is designed to honor the nature rhythm of the body, by engaging in a hybrid  NSDR (No Sleep Deep Rest) flow. 

 A slow gentle flow of poses and deep stretches are combined with soothing pranayama (breath work), meditation and a deep  theta  level Savana to close out the practice. 

As the sun moves towards setting in the late afternoon, so too do our bodies systems and energy. Following the The Circadian Rhythm helps us tune into our primal flow of energy for maximum well-being and peace. 

The Circadian Rhythms follow a 24 hour cycle that affects our physical, mental and emotional bodies. This rhythm affects animals, plants and microbes. Light and dark are the primary drivers of CR.