Andrew Tanner

Andrew Tanner is a global yoga teacher and public speaker known for his yoga industry advocacy, soulful style of teaching, and unshaken faith in his student’s ability to transform for the better. Anyone who works...

5 Parts Dynamic Breath Work: Yoga & Energy Master Class


at Coolidge Yoga - Brookline (1297 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02446)

Yoga & Energy Master Class: June Theme: Dynamic Breath Work
First Saturday of the Month

Want to experience a powerful nervous system reset?  Have you ever tried dynamic breath work? You may have heard of Tibetan monks who can warm their body with breathing, or the "Ice-Man" Wim Hoff who holds many world records for cold and heat exposure who has popularized breath practices recently. This class will be a fantastic introduction to dynamic breath work and the amazing health and mental clarity benefits it can bring.

We will start with some cleansing breathing practices that then shift into an asana practice to fully warm up your body. Once you are warmed up and relaxed we will practice a 5 step breath work practice that culminates in the Tibetan "Tummo" breathing technique. You will be launched into a place of deep peacefulness and an incredibly restorative savasana.