Yoga and Sound with Nicoline Valkenberg & Ryan Lee Crosby


Nicoline Valkenberg

I view the practice of yoga as a means to tune to our underlying essence and thereby find healing, relief, insight and wellness from which to direct our actions in the outer world. My moderately paced flow classe...
Yoga and Sound with Nicoline Valkenberg & Ryan Lee Crosby
September 10th (6 - 7:15 pm)

Listen to the whole of yourself and connect to your intuitive, healing, feeling-based awareness in this flow practice led by Nicoline Valkenberg, set to a live music soundtrack offered by Nicoline's husband and musician, Ryan Lee Crosby

The gift of practicing with live instrumentation is the pull to listen. Tuning to our capacity to listen helps us to enter an open and receptive state of awareness - one that translates to our inner space and supports us in hearing our body's intelligence, along with other aspects of our innate wisdom, which often get eclipsed through over-identification with our analytical mind.
Nicoline will guide a vinyasa practice with a focus on holding space to move, breath, feel and listen. Ryan's meditative, instrumental soundtrack will be played on an Indian slide guitar called a Chaturangui, as well as 12 string guitar, 6 string classical guitar and harmonium.