Shibashi (Taiji Qigong in 18 Movements)

Shibashi (Taiji Qigong in 18 Movements)

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January 13th  – February 24th (6-week series)
Fridays, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Tune into the body and the breath to clear the mind and distill the Heavenly elixir within.
Shibashi, (Taiji Qigong in 18 Movements) is a series of 18 flowing, gentle Qigong movements similar to those used in Yang-style Taijiquan. It integrates coordinated breathing, focused attention along with beautiful imagery.


Shibashi was created in 1979 by Professor Lin Hou Sheng, who today is revered as one of China’s Living Treasures. It is practiced by millions of people around the world and is a national health exercise in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.


Shibashi is designed to improve the general health and wellbeing of the practitioner. The gentle rocking motions and stretching movements improve circulation and digestion. The chest exercises and controlled breathing are good for lung conditions and asthma.The overall effect of the exercise is reduction in mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body. 


Perfect for beginners any anyone who wants to decrease tension and stress in their body with minimal joint impact.

 $150 for 6 classes

(no refunds or proration)