New to Yoga (4 Week Course)


Masha Leuner

I first tried yoga in 2005, when I was planning my destination wedding, and was feeling stressed. It was an entirely different experience to spend an hour on the mat, performing unfamiliar and challenging poses. ...
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New to Yoga Course
Four Sessions to Learn the Basics of Yoga Alignment and Flow 
With Masha Leuner and Tatyana Souza
One video yoga session per week to take at your convenience and one scheduled zoom session per week to go over the week's material.
 (This four-part course can be taken at your own pace. You will receive access to a video session every week. The course will also include a weekly Zoom check-in with Masha or Tatyana during which they will answer your questions)
Course starts the Week of September 28th
Zoom check in will be on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.
Now is a great time to start your yoga adventure!
New to yoga or need a refresher on the alignment of the foundational yoga postures? This course will teach you the key anatomical alignment principles and the most common yoga postures to get you feeling confident in your yoga practice. Understanding the alignment as well as ways to adjust the pose in your body will give you tools and confidence to practice yoga safely and at your own pace.
Module 1 – Foundational Poses of Sun Salutations
This module will introduce you to the postures and transitions found in Sun Salutations, the basis of most yoga practices. We will also explore wrist strength and how to keep the wrists safe, learn about external rotation of the arms, practice rooting down through the feet, and learn about the midline of the body and the movement of the pelvis. 
Postures covered:
1.     Cat and cow pose
2.     Child’s pose
3.     Mountain pose
4.     Upward salute
5.     Forward fold
6.     Halfway lift
7.     Plank
8.     Modified low push up
9.     Sphinx, cobra, upward facing dog
10.   Downward facing dog
11.   Low lunge 
12.   Bound angle pose
13.   Seated forward fold
14.   Bridge pose
Any and all questions will be answered in subsequent Zoom check in! 
Module 2 - Standing Postures with Open Hips
This module will introduce you to standing postures that focus on strengthening outer hips and opening inner groin. This module will also refresh on the important concept of pelvic tilt and introduce external rotation in the legs. Expect to gain broad understanding of key anatomical cues, get visual of both, front and back execution of the postures, as well as learn appropriate warm-up and cool-down postures.
Postures covered:
1. Supine hamstring stretch
2. Tree pose
3. Warrior II pose
4. Side angle pose
5. Triangle pose
6. Half-moon pose
7. Squat 
8. Head to knee pose
9. Pigeon pose
10. Supine figure four
Any and all questions will be answered in subsequent Zoom check in! 
Module 3 – Standing Postures with Neutral Hips and Twists
This module with introduce you to twists in the upper body and twists in standing postures. We will review the postures of sun salutations and their transitions as well as review the pelvic alignment in forward folds.
Postures covered:
1.     Hero pose
2.     Chair pose
3.     Warrior I pose
4.     Revolved lunge
5.     Warrior III pose
6.     Revolved triangle
7.     Revolved half-moon
8.     Seated twist
9.     Supine inversion
Any and all questions will be answered in subsequent Zoom check in! 
Module 4 - Backbends & Core Postures
This module covers postures associated with backbends and core strength. You will learn how to properly warm up the body first through opening the chest, side body, hip flexors and quadriceps. Expect to gain understanding of the different ways the spine can bend and learn how to strengthen muscles that support and stabilize the spinal column. We will also discuss how strengthening the anterior core leads to improved spinal health.
Postures covered:
1. Pectoral stretches
2. Low lunge
3. Gate pose
4. Sphinx pose
5. Locust pose
6. Camel pose
7. Bridge pose
8. Boat pose
9. Forearm plank 
10. Side forearm plank
11. Extended child’s pose
12. Supine twist
Any and all questions will be answered in subsequent Zoom check in!