Energetic Reset to Bring Balance for Fall with Karma Longtin and Tatyana Souza


at Coolidge Yoga - Brookline (1297 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02446)

Tatyana Souza

A PhD and an E-RYT, Tatyana Souza received her 200hr certification in 2011 from Back Bay Yoga in Boston and her 500hr certification in 2019 from the Wanderlust Studio in Hollywood. Inspired by the yoga training a...
Energetic Reset to Bring Balance for the Fall
with Karma Longtin and Tatyana Souza 
Sunday October, 3 (2 - 4 pm)

As we come back into our old and new routines this Fall, the effects of the pandemic are still deeply felt within and all around us. The pandemic has shifted our perspectives and our interactions with the outside world.  Resuming our daily activities can even feel overwhelming and depleting. Join Karma and Tatyana for a yoga practice aimed at rebalancing your energetic body and the chakras.

Chakras, or wheels, are energy centers located along the midline of the body. When out of balance, each center can affect your mood, ability to cope with stress, sense of physical wellbeing, sense of security, creative abilities, sense of autonomy, and attunement to inner intuition and wisdom. 

Let's clear out the energetic pathway and let go of old stress to make way for an easier year ahead. Expect a blend of movement, pranayama, guided meditation to leave feeling replenished and recentered. Included in the workshop is a pendulum that you can take home. During the workshop you will learn how to use a pendulum to determine if your energy centers are in balance.