Kathryn Martin

Kathryn is an Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator, Slings Myo-fascial Training Teacher Advanced Level, and is comprehensively trained in Mat and Equipment Pilates. In her continued quest to advance her client's ...

Anatomy Trains In Motion Introduction Workshop


at Coolidge Yoga - Brookline (1297 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02446)

The Anatomy Trains in Motion Introductory Workshop is for movement professionals and therapists who would like to get an insight into the Anatomy Trains body map in relation to fascia-focused movement training. During this introductory workshop, you get tangible insights into the Anatomy Trains in Motion concept. With an in-depth understanding of contemporary functional anatomy, you add a new dimension to your own practice, your teaching, and therapy work for the benefit of your clients.

What You Can Expect
  • Get an overview of the 12 myofascial meridians.
  • Learn and experience the muscles, fascial structures, and primary functions of the Superficial Back Line (SBL) with a specifically designed Slings in Motion exercise sequence.
  • Understand and experience the Achilles tendon as an elastic spring within the SBL.
  • Deepen your appreciation for how integral anatomy supports purposeful movement teaching.

Prerequisites: Certification in a movement modality (Pilates, Yoga, personal training) or therapy (physiotherapy, etc.).