Blossoming Mama Postpartum Yoga


This class is designed for those who have recently given birth and are looking to reconnect with their bodies in a safe space with other new mamas. Each session will begin with an opportunity to share experiences and support each other, followed by yoga and meditation. Practices will include breathwork, affirmations, as well as gentle and rejuvenating poses to regain core strength and pelvic integration. All levels welcome, no previous experience needed. 
About Carolena:
Carolena is a Licensed Professional Counselor and private yoga teacher located here in Atlanta, Georgia. Her passion for sharing the practices of yoga led to teacher training through Subtle Yoga in Asheville, NC in 2016. The foundation of her training is in Hatha & Vini Yoga, rooted in safe, trauma informed and therapeutic oriented practices.  Carolena is excited to offer this series for those needing a place to connect and feel supported during the 4th trimester. She is also a first time mama to her 8-month-old son. She understands the importance of self-care, grace and patience with yourself during this time. Her yoga offerings are approachable, warm & fun!

It is highly recommended that participants be at least 4 weeks postpartum and/or receive clearance from their care provider before resuming regular physical activity.