Restorative Yoga For The Seasonal Soul


at Blossom Main Studio (7 Main St.
Suite 204 Montpelier, VT 05602)

Bathing In Light/ Resting In Shade:
Friday June 23rd, 5:30-7pm
$35 per person

A Restorative Practice to Honor & Celebrate Summer Solstice

Join Anjali for a restorative practice to honor this turning point on the wheel of the year. 

We will dive deep into the magic and mystery of ‘high summer’ when we are closest to the sun and abundance prevails. 

At the same time- the great wheel turns and the long exhale toward autumn begins. There is such richness, wonder and beauty in summer and yet, we also create space to honor the waning light and even the decay of blossoms.

Life is ever flowing and changing and we can allow for this flow. Tucked into the full glory of summer, rests tinges of golden autumn. Where this is light, there are also shadows. The practice becomes accepting life on its own terms and mining for the wisdom embedded in each season.

With the energy at its peak, it’s the perfect time to pause, rest in the quiet shade and recalibrate our systems. 

Join Us For: 

  • Guided yin + restorative shapes
  • A soothing seasonal playlist
  • Delicious essential oils for self-massage
  • Healing touch (if desired)
  • Soul Cards to play with 
  • Prompts to support you on your journey

>> Please bring a journal, pen, water bottle and cozy layers. If you have an eye pillow or covering at home, please bring that as well.


Cancellation policy: 
If you can't make it to this special workshop, be sure to cancel at least 6 hours before the start of the event so we can free up your spot. Cancellations made after that time period will not be eligible for refund. 
Thank you for your understanding, see you very soon!