Ease in Motion

Ease in Motion

Fridays 9:15-10:15am February, March and April
Note: No class March 1st or April 5th
Blossom Main Studio, 2nd floor

Movement Is Hydration for the tissues and joints of your body.   Come explore gentle, fluid movement sequences and open up to the wonder and awe of the moving landscape of your body. With a sprinkling of brain-based neuromuscular education, leave class with a deeper, richer connection to you and a more supple, freer experience of moving through daily life. This class is suitable for people living with long Covid, fibromyalgia and other conditions that may find yoga and other exercise classes too much. This non-forcing, non-pushing class is also a great addition for those with very active yoga and exercise practices. 

This class is a blend of Hanna Somatics (which has a root in Feldenkrais), intuitive movement, therapeutic yoga and other body- awareness practices.

"I come into class feeling the the Tin Man - stiff and constricted. I leave with full range of motion and a clear mind." Alison S.

"I. Feel. Better. For Real!" ~ J. W. - student

"With your help, I've learned to "be" with my musculature, not force it to do my bidding, but politely "ask" it and listen to its response." B. G. - student

"I continue to grow and develop more understanding as I work with the insights you offer each week." - Victor E. student

"What a lovely way to greet the day, Thank you for this class Amy!" - C.B. student

"Wow! I have to say the quality of my day was really different starting it the way we did in class." - S.K. student

"I continue to learn how to increase ease in my body and I leave this practice feeling enlivened and deeply comfortable. As a yoga practitioner and teacher I find Amy's guidance a richly beneficial support."
~ Martha Whitney - yoga teacher/therapist, somatic experiencing practitioner

“As a PT, I appreciate her attention to creating stability and awareness with movement, helping students achieve pain free movement and build subtle strength. These classes are great for preventing pain & injury too.” ~ Emilie Connor - PT and owner of Essential PT & Pilates

"At the end of class, I feel rested, restored and an active participant in my body's sensations and responses...Learning a new kind of self-control - not born of forcing things."  ~ Ellie Hayes - Tai Chi instructor


Cancellation Policy (revised 3/21/23)

Your class registration reserves your spot in class. Please cancel with as much notice as possible if you are not going to make it.

If you registered and are a “no-show”:
  • If class is full, we will charge your class card since you are taking a spot from someone who could have joined the class otherwise.
  • If class isn’t full, we won’t charge your class card since you are not taking up a spot and we don’t want to do that to you!