Stress and Anxiety Management Yoga (Level 0)


Wendy Cook

My path to teaching began by opening myself up to be of service to others, following my intuition and finding peace in the unknown. This surrender has had the greatest impact on me—allowing my life to unfold in w...
The Stress and Anxiety Yoga program was developed over a 5 year period by Big Rock Yoga's founder, Wendy Cook. Wendy consulted on 6 psychiatric units at a local acute care behavioral health hospital and non-profit residential facility. These experiences allowed her to design a trauma based yoga and mindfulness program specific for stress and anxiety related symptoms for both adult and adolescent clients.

Yoga is a holistic approach to wellness for the mind, body, and soul. Behavioral health professionals continue to add holistic approaches including yoga, music, art, martial arts, and other programs that aim to increase an individuals overall well-being.

While the program has proven to be beneficial for many clients to learn stress management skills that decrease anxiety symptoms, the program is not a substitute for traditional behavioral health treatment. Big Rock Yoga makes no claim that yoga is a cure for any illness including physical and mental illnesses.