Foundations of Big Rock Yoga (Level 1 and CE for 200RYT)


Wendy Cook

My path to teaching began by opening myself up to be of service to others, following my intuition and finding peace in the unknown. This surrender has had the greatest impact on me—allowing my life to unfold in w...
Build your yoga practice on a solid foundation of education and self discovery through the Big Rock Yoga Methodology. This class is intended for both the beginner and experienced yoga student to learn a method based on all 8 Limbs of Yoga.

Level 1 is intended for the inexperienced yoga student and sedentary person to receive education and the opportunity to apply the education in physical poses. It is also a perfect fit for the experienced yoga student seeking to learn the foundational aspects of Big Rock Yoga Methodology that will empower your current yoga practice. 
Foundations is an approved Yoga Alliance CE for Registered Yoga Teachers.