Trauma Aware Yoga Workshop for Denver's Yoga Teachers & Students

Derik Eselius

at Axis Yoga Trainings (3250 E. Sixth Ave. Denver, CO 80206)


Many people have had traumatic experiences in their lives and come to yoga for healing.  This workshop is born out of a desire to be of service, a desire to make yoga informative, inclusive, relevant and accessible.  Please join us to learn more about one of the most promenade topics in yoga:  trauma-based practice and teaching.

Come learn about the impact of trauma, how it lives in the body and how to be mindful of working with people with such a condition.  This workshop is geared towards expanding our understanding of trauma and will give you basic preventative tools to integrate into your classes.

When: Sat., Apr. 25th, 9am-1pm


Cost: Donation Based (Sug. $55-65)