SHAKTI ON TOUR : BODY alive ( marin county )

SHAKTI ON TOUR : BODY alive ( marin county )

Marin County, Nor Cal 
Saturday Dec 9 | 2:30-4:00p | $45 (pay at 'love story yoga' website, link below)
Love Story Yoga, Larkspur

Aspen Shakti & Body ALIVE comes back to Marin!
Jayne Gottlieb's Signature Class! 
A liberating and enlivening dance inspired class at its core.
This practice is the signature, heart and soul of Aspen Shakti and the ultimate embodiment tool for shaking out anything stagnant or heavy in the body so as to tap into what is alive, luminous, and desirable . . . which is itself the definition of having SHAKTI.

With roots in yoga, breathwork, african dance, cardio, hip hop, capoeira, street dance and isolated muscle strengthening, students will experience a release of heaviness, a rise in their vibration and achieve the result of being visibly ALIVE and at home in their radiant body.

This class specifically activates the second chakra, our center of creativity, sparkle, art, sexuality, pleasure and magnificence - we specifically work to open and wake up this energy and move it throughout the body and up the spine so students words, eyes, overall vibration, prayers, actions and connections all become SHAKTIFIED!
This practice is powerful, fun, enlivening, intoxicating, liberating, soulful and it is for EVERYONE!

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