Lauren ONeill

Lauren is an Internal Family Systems facilitator and has been using this psycho-spiritual therapeutic model as the foundation of her teachings and offerings. She believes that with this lens, all our other practi...

Return to Self Circle : IFS Method Two Part Series


at ASPEN SHAKTI (535 E Hyman Ave
B001 Aspen , CO 81611)

What is Internal Family Systems Therapy?

A psycho-spiritual tool for radical liberation.

Internal Family Systems is a transformational, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. We believe there is a multiplicity of the mind and that is a good thing. We have many parts that contain valuable qualities and we have a core Self (the you who is not a part) that cannot be burdened or traumatized and has an innate capacity to heal, allowing us to come back to our inherent wholeness.

We will learn tools and practices to come into Self-energy where we find abundance, love, authenticity and true healing. Once we have IFS as a foundational lens to understand our deepest layers, we can invite in integration practices, including yoga, meditation, journaling, and breathwork to move what's stuck or stagnant through the system.

This is designed to be a therapeutic experience using community as a way to be witnessed. We will ask our true divine nature to step forward so our parts can step back, for a fully integrated healing opportunity.


  • This is a 2 week commitment for the month of September
  • The container will be in the heart cave of Aspen Shakti
  • Each week we will build on our knowledge and experience from the previous session
  • Each session will last 2 hours
  • Guided meditation, breathwork, light movement & yin asana, journaling, and sharing circle