HIIT + Ski Conditioning ( High Intensity Interval Training )


at ASPEN SHAKTI (535 E Hyman Ave
B001 Aspen , CO 81611)

Meet new friends and build community with Aspen's only High Intensity Interval (HIIT) training class! A fun and functional workout using various equipment that is perfect to increase your fitness.
Each class is a combo of cardiovascular exercise, strength movements and core training with intermittent rest. Learn the proper technique before this circuit style class for safe, effective training. 
Instructor: David Mills and Team 
David has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in Aspen for the past 10 years. David's infectious personality brings energy and fun to every class and training session he delivers. He is the founder of Ajax Gym, a former Army officer, professional Spartan racer and the Inventor of the Monkee Mount and Vibe roller.
His team of instructors are all highly trained, approachable and make this high intensity workout fun and addicting!