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Kristen Morris

Kristen Z Morris Holistic health coach, group fitness instructor and personal trainer.  I began my career with health and fitness 25+years ago while in college as a way to stay in shape.  I quickly discovered I ...

BODY SCULPT (weights + core + power)


at ASPEN SHAKTI (535 E Hyman Ave
B001 Aspen , CO 81611)

A strength building yoga + weights based full body workout at its core.  This class is for anyone looking to get after it in a big way, and build heat, muscle tone and strength, power in their practice.  Expect the instructor to use rap, hip-hop and rock music synched together with physical movement to strengthen, challenge, and wake up the full body. You will leave this class stronger with a full body work-out + breath.  This class is dynamic and you can expect to be physically and mentally challenged while having fun. We encourage you to TRUST yourself and your strength and explore your willingness to get out of your comfort zone and see what happens.