Marisa Hallsted

Marisa was raised by yoga teachers and has been practicing her whole life. Her relationship with yoga has changed over the years to match the various phases of her life from purely physical, to diving into the yo...

BODY FLOW (vinyasa yoga + grace)


at ASPEN SHAKTI (535 E Hyman Ave
B001 Aspen , CO 81611)

BODY FLOW ( vinyasa + grace ) 
A dynamic and empowering VINYASA YOGA ceremony and embodiment experience. 

Expect the power of your breath, intention, presence and flowing postures to help you clear your mind and tap into your inner strength and the momentum that is always at your back.  
This is the perfect class for the student who enjoys rockin music and powerful guidance as you flow breath linked to your movement through creative sequences, postures and transitions.  The class will open, tone, lengthen and awaken the full body while integrating grace, artfulness and stability through transitions.  

With roots in pranayama, vinyasa yoga, dynamic movement and physical therapy, students will connect deeply with their body and breath and experience spaciousness and release of tension in the mind, body and spirit.   

As with every class in this method, you will move through an intentional journey that will challenge, inspire, cleanse and awaken momentum for you to rediscover the truth of who you are in the current ‘scene’ or moment you’re in. 

Additional benefits include agility, flexibility, vitality, a tangible connection to your body, heart-opening, and a greater awareness of life’s magic being all around you.  
Expect to be physically challenged while working to soften, relax and surrender to the movement and the discovery of what is possible when you HEED THE CALL!