Joe Taft

Joe Taft believes in the transformational power of yoga. Joe (E-RYT500) is a former Certified Anusara® Yoga instructor who has dedicated himself to the practice of yoga since 1997 and has been teaching since 2001...

Yoga Therapeutics with Joe Taft


at Asheville Yoga Center (211 South Liberty Street
Asheville, NC 28801 Asheville, NC 28806)

April 2-5, 2024
300-hour YA Credit
All Levels Welcome

Price: $480

Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

In this training, we explore principle-based therapeutics, meaning that one thing builds on the next. This set of principles or actions in the body will help a number of injuries and imbalances that students may have. Every session includes asana, anatomy, body mapping and how to balance the musculature through yoga postures and healthy movement patterns. You will learn techniques to help students in both classroom and in one-on-one private settings. We look at “inner alignment” or how students align attitudinally, because the outer form always reflects the inner state on some level. You will also learn how to empower your students, – so they can help themselves. Most importantly, together we’ll create a fun learning environment that allows our knowledge and body awareness to flourish.

In this training you will: 
  • Look at how the small injuries of the body connect to the energy body as a whole
  • Increase our understanding of how one set of instructions can help an array of different injuries and imbalanced musculature
  • Learn techniques to help students in a classroom setting and in a one-on-one private setting
  • Learn how to help your students feel empowered, so they are more open to your help and feel they can help themselves
  • Target injuries and imbalances that we see in a yoga environment, such as sciatica, sacral iliac subluxation, low back pain and hamstring tears
  • Get a brief overview on how yoga can be helpful for mental health specific conditions. 

Required reading:
The Psoas Book by Liz Koch

This course is open to all levels, and is not exclusive to those who are seeking Yoga Alliance credit. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Programs Coordinator via email at

Eligible for 24 Yoga Alliance Contact Hours