Gota Cebrero

Gota's native country is Argentina. Since he remembers, he's been wondering about the mysteries of life. Back then there weren’t many books about spirituality or yoga but the few yogic books he found captivated h...

*Yin & The Subtle Body


at Asheville Yoga Center (211 South Liberty Street
Asheville, NC 28801 Asheville, NC 28806)

Yin & the Subtle Body Come and embark on this beautiful path of yoga by steeping in the nurturing and calming asanas woven through mindfulness. Through longer held poses on the earth you are invited to deepen and connect to the mind, body and breath .Through this outlet you will restore the flow of Prana touching upon the physical and subtle body. After holding a pose for 3 to 8 minutes, you will restore the elasticity of the tissues, meridians, and nadis. You will leave renewed and whole having experienced the stillness of yin.