Wild Abundance : Kundalini Practices for Prosperity

Wild Abundance : Kundalini Practices for Prosperity

Yoga offers the journey to self-realization, oneness with spirit, while also recognizing that practitioners live and navigate a material world. The soul, as illuminated in the Vedas, has four distinct desires: dharma, artha, kama and moksha. Right way of living (dharma), material comfort and ease (artha), pleasure (kama) and liberation or dwelling in the true self (moksha).

This workshop is the technology of artha ~ the tools to apply in practice and life to attract prosperity and opportunity through mantra, kriya, meditation and vibration ~ to experience the wild abundance that the universe wishes for us when we open our hearts and allow.

Following the guidance and desires of our soul allows us to live in balance, beauty, clarity and inspiration.

In-person & Live Streamed

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Cost: $60

*Space is limited, so please be sure to register in advance!