Intro to Meditation (In-person or Online)

Intro to Meditation (In-person or Online)

The benefits of practicing meditation daily are numerous. Despite myths that all meditation techniques are the same, multi thousand year old traditions and recent research in contemplative neuroscience suggest otherwise. In this workshop you will learn three very well known and powerful techniques, along with their ancient advices regarding mastery and recent scientific research on their benefits:

  • Ānapānasmṛti (Mindfulness of Breathing)
  • Vipaśyanā (Insight)
  • Maitrī (Loving-kindness)

Samādhi is the term used for meditation in Yoga Philosophy. It is the integration of developing an automatically stable, clear and calm attention style (Sthiti) with the ongoing process of transforming afflicted patterns to being unafflicted (Kriyāyoga). Although there are many similarities between Samādhi in Yoga and in Buddhism or Vedānta, there are a few notable differences worth considering.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will explore these foundational techniques with much attention given to choosing from a variety of postures that will be comfortable enough to be still for 5-20 minutes. Each technique will be offered at first with guidance, followed by Q and A, then offered again as self-guided with time for reflection afterward. All are welcome to participate and no previous experience is necessary.

Introduction to Meditation
Sunday, February 12, 2023
2-5pm EST
Cost: $30