Rosie Mulford

In 1974, Rosie took her first yoga class in Coconut Grove, Florida. Her instructor was Eve Diskin-then the Director of the American Institute of Yoga. During college and for a short time after, Rosie concentrated...

*Gentle Yoga & Ball Rolling (SUB) Rosie


at Asheville Yoga Center (211 South Liberty Street
Asheville, NC 28801 Asheville, NC 28806)

*Gentle Yoga & Ball Rolling The therapeutic use of balls is a simple yet profound tool for transformation of tight fascia, chronic pain, and general body imbalances. The balls assist in pinpointing areas of tightness as you massage and hydrate those places.

This work is a perfect complement to an asana yoga practice or any kind of alignment oriented physical activity. It is a quick & easy solution to better health on a daily basis. Absolutely any level of practitioner can benefit from this work.

In this class we will learn and practice certain ball rolling techniques. Every week is a different area of the body. We will also explore the spiritual and psychological themes and symbolism of this type of work. Balls will be provided for use during class.

4/5: Class Theme/ Area of Focus: Feet

*Beginner Friendly Class