Creative Sequencing & Theming (HYBRID)

Led by

Ruth Ingram

For Ruth, yoga has been a journey toward healing, self-acceptance, surrender and empowerment.   Ruth's mission is to help guide her students toward finding strength in their bodies and peace within their hearts....

Creative Sequencing & Theming (HYBRID)

Learn to create authentic and creative vinyasa classes from the heart!

Find your voice, get clarity in your message. Join Ruth for this 4 day deep dive into two subjects that can enhance and deepen your teaching and practice.

Learn how to read bodies and see imbalances, review anatomy, alignment and therapeutics and how it relates to yoga.

In this course you will learn how to compose heartfelt, personal and meaningful themes into your classes. We will discover and play with self-inquiry and deeper understanding into your WHY as a teacher and yoga student.

Sequencing isn’t just memorizing different classes but working into deep inquiry about what you want to teach how to skillfully execute it. We will dive into how to innovate your teaching while honoring traditions how to combine creativity and function and learn ways to navigate burn out.

We will tackle identifying common obstacles in sequencing such as physical imbalances, to do set sequencing or random sequencing, identifying teacher burnout and common imbalances in modern vinyasa flow.

We will define our big picture and dive deep into how to develop your classes and set you up to teach workshop, series, training and yoga curriculum.

There is so much insight, so many tips, and so many techniques that I’m excited to share with you in this program. And, remember, in the spirit of inquiry, very, very little about sequencing is absolute. Sequencing is like writing, music, and art. It has subjective elements that are deep expressions of you and your interests.

Expect to walk away with a clear understanding of peak pose sequencing.

You will learn about sequencing beyond drop-in classes, sequencing for workshops, series, and how to develop a curriculum. Learn how to craft, write, and teach safe, well-rounded and balanced sequences for forward bends, twists, core focused sequences, arm balances and fundamentals.

Required Reading:
Yoga Sequencing by Mark Stephens
Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses by Sage Roundtree and Alexandra Desiato
Theme Weaver by Michelle Berman Marchildon

Recommended Reading:

The Yoga Sutras of Pantajali Edwin Bryant
The Great Work of Your Life by Stephen Cope
Meditations from The Mat by Rolf Gates


*Hybrid Training: Attend Either Virtually or In-person!

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Thursday – Sunday: 8:00 AM -12:00 PM & 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Contact Hours: 32
Non-Contact Hours: 2