Backbending for Joy

Led by

Ruth Ingram

For Ruth, yoga has been a journey toward healing, self-acceptance, surrender and empowerment.   Ruth's mission is to help guide her students toward finding strength in their bodies and peace within their hearts....

Backbending for Joy

Ready to enroll?
Join Ruth for this heart pumping, joyful back bending workshop. Backbends are fantastic shapes to shift our energy and mood- learn more and go deeper into your practice. If you want more instruction in your asanas come check it out. Your sure to sweat, smile, work hard and hopefully laugh!

This will be a workshop focused on back bends moving toward peek postures of king pigeon, scorpion, wheel, and camel. Class will begin with a meditation, then there will be a lecture/dharama talk about the benefits of backbends for our emotional life- ie the title. There will also being some helpful anatomy information during this time. Class will be lead through a warm up eventually progressing to the more challenging poses. The last 30 minutes will be question and answer and individual attention about the big back bends. 

Learning Objectives:
  • understand anatomy in backbends
  • learn ways to protect your spine, engage your core and open up the whole front body
  • be connected to a heart affirming theme
  • walk away with more understanding of your own body and practice.