Restorative Yoga


Anne Van Valkenburg

Anne’s teaching is inspired by her practice. Staying dedicated to her practice is how she remains truthful to what she teaches and shares with others. For her, the physical body has been the pathway to knowing he...
Adding a restorative style class to your weekly yoga practice can be very beneficial to your nervous system, and can help you experience the asanas (poses) in a more supportive and opening way. These sequences will vary from week to week. These sequences will typically be low to the ground, and you will be using a multitude of props. Some classes will be more Yin style, where the connective tissue is addressed. Either way, these sequences will be slow, deep, and relaxed. 

Suggest props for this class:
3 blankets
1 bolster (or 2 extra blankets)
2 blocks
1 strap
1 yoga chair (kitchen chair will work as well)

Get creative with your props! If you do not have all of the above props, you can use pillows, beach towels, a dog leash for a strap, or thick books for blocks.