Astro Yoga - A Yoga Dharma Astrology Flow


Angela (Dharma) Fears

Angela (Dharma) is a Breath based Yoga instructor. Using Physical and subtle anatomy ,discover the wisdom of Yoga with a beloved Guide. A wellness coach using Ayurveda &, she has coached at family & holistic heal...
Healing Breathwork to center, Yoga and Movement to strengthen and inspire!!
We'll use the Calendar to discuss and share the wisdom available to harness and harmonize with the Energy of Wellness Wednesday. Using Vedic Astrology, Astro-Yoga inspires and uplifts.
 Jan 6th - Orientation
 Jan 13 - Building Intuition in Tree Posture
 Jan 20 - Core Centering
 Jan 27 - Salutations, Tree, & Core Practice Dedication