Angie Scott

Angie became a certified SPINNING instructor in 2000. Seven years later, she was asked by Mad Dogg Athletics (SPINNING) to join their Master Instructor team. Prior to the pandemic, Angie would travel around the c...

Hill Repeats


at Alpenglow Fitness Montpelier Studio (54 Main Street Montpelier, VT 05602)

One of the best ways to become stronger on hills, is through “repeats”. Climbing a hill, descending it, and then looping around and doing it all over again. 

This ride will teach your body when it is the right time to sit, stand, attack, and recover. We will be using that resistance knob and RPM readout through it all. 

I look forward to climbing with you. 

Beginners should arrive 10 minutes early for a proper bike fit. Please wear sneakers or SPD compatible cleats.