Alison Litchfield

Hi, I'm Alison Litchfield. I am a Body-centered Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Trainer and Wellness Leader in the Boulder area. I serve yogis and practitioners of all levels and walks of life who want their yoga to f...

Nourish, Gather & Pause Yoga Series, Feb 2 - March 8, 2024


at Anjaneya Yoga Shala (1480 Violet Avenue Boulder, CO 80304)

As we enter the womb of the winter season, our bodies are called inward to nourish the yin field and the element of water. Here we cultivate kindey chi, the deep source of regenerative power in our bodies. When we nourish this place, we avoid depletion and exhaustion and instead are sustained by the life giving energy from within.

This class will combine yin like yoga postures with breathing techniques and fascial release techniques that nourish and build chi throughout the whole body.  All levels are welcome!

Yoga Series to Reset the Nervous System, with Alison Litchfield.
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Drop-ins welcome (register with any existing pass, or at the door with Alison).